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Emergency Services

Emergency Services
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Issues with locks and keys often occur all of a sudden without any warning signs. This is no reason to despair, however. You have to find the right solution as quickly as possible.

Solution for Lost House Key

Even if you are not locked out of your home, this doesn’t mean that the problem is not urgent. Someone can find your key and use it to get into your house without you noticing. You must protect your family and property immediately. The primary solution to this problem is the rekeying of the lock so that the old key will become useless. You will get a new key. If the lockset is old, outdated or impossible to rekey due to its design, it has to be changed.

Lock Replacement

This is an emergency solution in case of a break-in. It is necessary when the burglar has damaged the lock. It involves removing the old lock and installing the new one. The door must be repaired or adjusted first, if needed. The choice of new lock depends on the specifics of the door and on the preferences of the property owner too. Ideally, it will comply with the British Standards fully and have brass or steel make. The more secure the device is the better.

Problems with Transponder Key 

Emergency ServicesYou press the button, but the car won’t get unlocked. This signals a problem with the chip or the receiver inside the vehicle. Both will require a full check. These electronic components can often be fixed, but sometimes replacement is the only solution. If you cannot turn the key inside the ignition, the latter component is usually to blame. The ignition can be repaired or changed depending on the cause of the problem.

Don’t worry about urgent lock and key problems as we’ve got you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use our emergency services to get fast lock repair, rekey and change and key fix and replacement. At Locksmith Borehamwood, we service homes, offices and cars of all brands. To share a problem and get a quick solution, call us without hesitation.

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